SOLOMUSICA aims to make classical music a comprehensive artistic experience which engages all the senses, across all cultures and all generations and which extend the boundaries of classical music appreciation.

We further endeavor to identify, nurture and equip bright, young Asian talent with opportunities to study and perform for a global audience.

To care for the local community, SOLOMUSICA pledges to promote music for all, offering affordable or free tickets when possible and to organize fundraising events to help people in need.


Prof. Fabrizio Bezzo  (Honorary Chairman)

Andrea Bettinelli  (Co-founder - Strategic Planning)

Adam Luk  (Director of Operations)

YZ Pang (Event Operations Executive)

Artistic Consultants

M° Alessandro Cadario - Conductor

M° Davide Damiani - Singer and Conductor

M° Aldo Salvagno - Musicologist and Conductor

M° Simone Tonin - In-house Composer